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  • Wireless device testing
  • Perfect for 802.11a, b, g
  • Bluetooth, RFID, 3G testing
  • Wide variety of I/O options
  • Stock models to fit your custom applications

Our broad line of STE series Shielded Test Enclosures were already being used for virtually all wireless LAN device tests. But the daunting task was how to streamline the testing, while reducing they physical space required for simultaneous high volume testing. Our engineers started to work with a number of manufacturers to find out exactly what was needed.

Wow... multiple boards, blades, WAPS and other devices had to be physically mounted in close proximity. They couldn't "talk to each other", they couldn't "talk to the outside world", they had to run cool within their published specs in a small confined space over a long period of time, there needed to be suitable filtered I/) connections, RF feed throughs, RF isolation was critical, and there had to be a lot of them running simultaneously in a small lab. Pretty tall wish list. But once again, Ramsey came through... with flying colors! Also available in a dual rack mount and shock mounted road case versions!
  • Designed for WLAN testing
  • Front loading swing away door
  • Dual ventilation or fan forced cooling
  • Exclusive double lip RF tight gasket
  • Universal I/O connector interface plate
  • RF absorbent foam liner
  • Optional security locking latch available

  • >90dB @ 1GHz
  • >90dB @ 3GHz
  • >80dB @ 6GHz

  • None provided standard
  • Custom configured, see options

  • Exterior: 11.0"H x 8.0"W x 14.0"D
  • Interior: 10.0"H x 7.0"W x 13.0"D
  • Weight: 12lbs. / 5.44kg.
Standard Price: $1095.00

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