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  • The perfect isolation chamber for continued powered-up storage of wireless devices
  • Designed specifically for forensics applications
  • Provides maximum isolation from all UMTS mobile device bands
  • Provides maximum isolation from WiFi signal sources including 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Features the latest GEN-2 custom RF gasket system
  • Features the latest GEN-2 custom RF absorbent and reflective foam liner
  • Built-in RF filtered AC power strip
  • High speed USB2.0 data interface
  • Forensics tamper-proof hardware and a dual padlockable latches prohibits unauthorized access and maintains the chain of custody
  • Universal removable I/O panel customizable for your specific applications

The STE3300F2 is designed specifically for storing multiple wireless devices in their powered-on state while keeping them isolated from the network carrier. Its larger size makes it ideal for extended storage of department confiscated devices both before and after the forensics examination for what could be an extended period of time.

Let’s follow a typical forensics time line.

1. A suspect wireless device is confiscated on-site. To protect it from real-time on-line executable booby traps (remote kill commands, remote lock commands, remote self-destruct commands, etc.) as well as device GPS tracing back to your location, the device needs to be immediately isolated from the carrier’s network. It also needs to be isolated from any available WiFi source. That can be easily accomplished with the use of our STE2200F2 forensics enclosure or STP1100 series forensics pouch.

2. Once the wireless device has reached your lab, it needs to be made ready for your forensics examination. However, the device still needs to be totally isolated from the carrier’s network and WiFi sources. But now the device needs to remain powered up to eliminate the liability of a very possible power-down lockout, power-down self-destruct script, or other power-down loss of integrity. Therefore, the device needs to be plugged into a charger to maintain its powered-up status. If a forensics interrogation is scheduled soon, the device can be transferred to, and plugged into a charger in our STE3000F2 series RF Test Enclosures. If the interrogation cannot be scheduled soon, and the device needs to be stored, it can be transferred into our STE3300F2 RF Test Enclosure, and connected to a charger to maintain its powered-up state until an interrogation can be scheduled.

3. Whenever the interrogation is completed, if the device is to remain in custody, it can be transferred into our STE3300F2 enclosure, connected to a charger to maintain its powered-up status, and can be stored until further needed. At no time during this time line, was the wireless device exposed to the carrier’s network, a WiFi source, and was never in jeopardy of being blocked, locked out, or otherwise compromised by a network received or powered-down script.

Enclosure wise, the STE3300F2 is a twin to our STE3000F2 and STE3000FAV2, without the visual and hands-on capabilities, and without the video/audio recording system. It is designed to provide you ample room for multiple device storage, while keeping them in a powered-on state for as required. Like its twins, it comes standard with a 6-outlet 110VAC outlet strip to accommodate any combination of device chargers and multiple port USB based device chargers. Six of our optional 4-port USB chargers can be easily plugged in to charge 24 various formatted wireless devices! Also like its twins, a USB2.0 high speed interface is also provided as standard equipment with the STE3300F2. This gives you a fully RF isolated I/O at full 480mbps USB2.0 speed to interconnect with any device inside the enclosure. This is perfect for connecting a suspect device, already in your possession, to your forensics software tools for further investigation and data dumps, all of which can be done without relocating the device in question.

The RF filtered AC power interface as well as the USB2.0 interface are located on the spacious universal removable I/O panel. This leaves plenty of room for a host of other I/O options that you may need to suit your specific test applications. From international power options to virtually every data and RF interconnect, we have the option available that you require.

The STE3300F2 is designed around the same heavy duty, rugged .090” and .125” aluminum design of its STE3000F2 series twins. New for 2014 it also features our custom engineered GEN-2 RF gaskets. With over a year in the R&D lab, these new gaskets provide a previously unheard of and flawless RF seal while being immune to the fixed compression set of typical stainless gaskets. Likewise, also new for 2014 the STE3300F2 also features our ¾” GEN-2 RF absorbent and reflective foam lining. This foam was designed from the ground up, to our demanding specifications to provide maximum performance over all operating frequencies and bands. Therefore, you can be confident that any device in your possession will remain totally isolated from the carrier’s network, regardless of the carrier, make or model, operating system, or the frequency bands used. Likewise, the device will also remain fully isolated from any WiFi signal sources, including both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, and therefore covering any combination of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocols.

Like all of our forensics units, tamper-proof hardware and dual padlockable latches are designed into the STE3300F2 to prohibit unauthorized access and maintain the chain of custody for the devices collected and stored. If you or your department is looking for a secure RF isolated storage chamber for your confiscated wireless devices, check out the STE3300F2.
  • Large form factor for system testing and interrogations
  • 1/2" GEN-2 high efficiency RF foam liner
  • GEN-2 high efficiency RF gaskets
  • Exclusive double lip RF seal
  • Easy release latch with steady hold hinge
  • Universal removable I/O panel
  • Tamper proof forensics hardware

  • >110dB @ 918MHz
  • >100dB @ 2.4GHz
  • >90dB @ 5.8GHz

  • RF isolated 6-outlet 110VAC power strip
  • RF isolated 6-pole feed-through terminal strip
  • RF isolated USB2.0 high speed interface
  • Additional options available

  • Exterior: 9.8"H x 18.0"W x 12.0"D
  • Interior: 8.2"H x 16.8"W x 10.8"D
  • Weight: 18lbs. / 8.16kg.
Standard Price: $1195.00

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